Player Commands

mytop\played mytop X : Returns your top X games where X is 1- 10 in a Direct Message. If no number is is added then a default of 5 is set.
profileReturns a link to the user's profile.
mygameReturn the game time for a specific game \played mygame "Diablo III"
exportdata\played exportData : Export your game time data to a json file.
uprivateSets your profile data to private. Commands that you run will now be DM'd to you.
upublicSets your profile data to public.
ublacklistBlack list a game from being shown in your profile.
active(Allows SlashPlayed to track your game time again.

Guild Commands

topplayers\played topplayers : Returns the top 10 players associated with the guild.
guildprofile\played guildProfile : Returns a link to the guilds profile page.

Bot Commands

help\played help : Displays all of Slashplayed's Commands and a description of what they do.
info\played info : Displays information about Slashplayed.

General Commands

botstats\played botstats : Returns a metrics summary of SlashPlayed's data collection.
globalplayers\played globalPlayers : Returns the top 10 players across all servers.